MAMB Meeting


The next MAMB meeting will be December 11th, 2019 12:00 – 13:00 Location: Old River Community Building, 4818 FM 565, Old River-Winfree, TX 77523..

Message from the Chairman

MAMB invests the majority of it's efforts in prevention. This is accomplished by members participating in inspections which review emergency procedures, equipment, and facilities. In addition frequent emergency drills ensure the availability of properly trained personnel, equipment, and communications compatibility throughout the organization.

MAMB members are concerned with the overall safety of the community and establishes the vehicle by which local government, industry, and citizen rapport can be implemented. Our resources are available to minimize the effects of an incident, as well as support the recovery phase following an incident.

MAMB is an integral part of the community and provides support to enhance the emergency notification of residents in the area as well as supporting special projects in local schools and the War on Drugs campaign just to mention a few.


Welcome to the Mutual Aid Mont Belvieu (MAMB) Web-Site. In January 1975, MAMB was formed as the Mont Belvieu Safety and Mutual Aid Steering Committee. The organization was created for continuing an emergency mutual aid system through which assistance would be provided for enhancing safe operations and environmental safeguards. Today we are forty-seven (47) members strong and growing.

In closing, we the members of MAMB are committed to continuously improving our safety systems and supporting local organizations in time of need. Again let me welcome you,  and please take a moment to browse the site.